Bear Claw Events Works to Enhance Teamwork and Camaraderie

Dynamic collaboration and harmony within the Bear Claw Events team has led to incredible success over the years. The firm's director highlighted his latest team-building efforts and explained how they encourage better teamwork.

Maintaining a diverse and talented team has always been a primary concern for Bear Claw Events’ leaders, and they organize various team-building functions as part of this commitment. Matthew, the firm’s director of operations, stated, “We’ve been adding new activities to our team-strengthening regimen, and we’re excited to watch our associates become closer than ever while completing them. The next few months should be fun and valuable for our entire team.”

Among the company’s new team-building efforts are movie nights, dinner outings, and a range of community giveback events. “I especially look forward to our volunteering efforts,” added the director. “Our team always comes back to work with more positivity and enthusiasm after supporting the community. Once our professionals have combined their talents to make a difference for people in need, coming together to create unique promotional campaigns seems much more rewarding.”

"One great thing about our team-building events is the fact that they give our executives opportunity to refine their communication skills in low-pressure settings,"

Matthew, Director of Operations

Bear Claw Events’ Director on How Team-Building Activities Inspire Professional Success

Along with solidifying the bonds between associates, team-building activities offer a wide array of benefits to companies in any industry, according to Matthew. He and the other leaders at Bear Claw Events are dedicated to getting the most out of their efforts to build and maintain a unified group of professionals.

“One great thing about our team-building events is the fact that they give our executives opportunity to refine their communication skills in low-pressure settings,” added the director. “This helps them better understand their roles and responsibilities back at work. It also gives them more confidence to share their ideas and concerns when they’re tackling difficult projects.”

Professionals can also build trust by participating in team-building events. Whether they work together in a community service capacity or break into smaller groups for a spirited office competition, individuals learn to believe in one another in ways that can’t be measured. What can be measured are the results that their improved collaborations will bring when they return to their professional projects.

Team-building events have been proven to make people feel more valued, and Matthew is very aware of this effect. “The key to making these activities effective and enjoyable is to keep them as simple as possible,” added the director. “I don’t think anyone enjoys participating in the forced and awkward interactions that often pass for corporate team-building events – I think they actually insult people’s intelligence. We go to great lengths to ensure that our efforts boost camaraderie while also being fun and memorable.”

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