Bear Claw Events Travels to Dallas Conference for Networking

Selected team members from Bear Claw Events will be attending a Dallas conference in October. The company's Director and admin discussed the event and the many benefits of team travel.

Travel incentives help define the empowering Bear Claw Events culture. Matt, the firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “We give our people lots of chances to expand their professional knowledge and forge helpful connections at industry events. They take full advantage of these opportunities, returning to our office freshly motivated to tackle big challenges. Two of our team members, Larissa and Julia, will be attending the Dallas Conference in October. I’m sure they’ll make the most of it.”

The conference represents a prime opportunity for Larissa and Julia to see the bigger picture of how much they can achieve in the marketing and consulting services industry. Xiomara, an admin with the firm, explained, “Larissa and Julia will be able to build new relationships during the conference, with influential leaders and peers alike. They’ll also learn plenty of valuable insights to put into action back at our Bear Claw Events office.”

Xiomara continued, “My advice to anyone going to an event like the Dallas Conference is to have a student mentality and take everything in. When it comes to networking, I think it’s important to take a measured approach. Larissa and Julia will have many options for new contacts, so they’ll need to do some research before the conference and home in on the most valuable potential connections. That way, they’ll be able to be more focused – and likely more successful – in their networking efforts.”

Bear Claw Events’ Director Highlights a Few Underrated Benefits of Team Travel

When team members travel together to broaden their professional horizons, they learn more about each other on a personal level. While this is certainly a positive outcome, Matt believes the adaptability they develop on the road is even more important. He explained, “We operate in a rapidly evolving business landscape. It’s essential that we maintain an agile approach. When we travel, we often encounter changing schedules and unexpected delays. Learning to deal with these events helps our people adapt to unforeseen changes on the job as well.”

The Director also embraces the value of experiencing everything a new place has to offer. “I want our people to get the most out of every trip,” he added. “We do our best to take in the sights and sounds during every Bear Claw Events getaway. Restaurants, museums, and other attractions find their way onto our itineraries whenever possible.”

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