Bear Claw Events, Inc. Works to Maintain Positive Culture

The leaders at Bear Claw Events, Inc. understand the importance of having a strong company culture. The firm's director shared his thoughts on team-building social events and suggestions for creating a positive atmosphere.

“Any company that wants to achieve ambitious goals must have a collaborative culture,” stated Matt L., the director at Bear Claw Events, Inc. “We have a very talented group here, and we know that they produce better results when they combine their unique talents. That’s why we work hard to strengthen the bonds between our people and provide them with an empowering company culture.”

Matt and the rest of the Bear Claw Events, Inc. executive team regularly organize a variety of team-building events. They provide options for team development both in and away from the office. The director remarked, “We enjoy having office competitions of all types, but we really love getting away from the stresses of work and having fun outside the workplace. Our people take part in everything from volunteer efforts to bowling nights, and they learn more about each other’s skills and personalities in the process.”

"Any company that wants to achieve ambitious goals must have a collaborative culture,"

Matt L., Company Director

Along with fun outings like team dinners and game nights, the associates at Bear Claw Events, Inc. grow through team travel. “We attend industry conferences and seminars on a regular basis,” added the director. “Our team also has the chance to earn exciting travel incentives such as corporate retreats in exotic locations. You can learn so much about your colleagues by exploring new places together, and it improves communication and collaboration back at the office.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s Director Offers Advice for Creating a Positive Team Culture

 Matt believes that he must lead by example if he wants to maintain a strong culture at Bear Claw Events, Inc. He explained, “We want to inspire teamwork at every turn, and to do that the other leaders and I within the firm must set the tone. It’s up to us to act with transparency and to collaborate with the team when we make important decisions.”

It’s also important for business leaders to keep lines of communication open. Matt noted, “Leaders must be clear when they define goals. They must also be accessible when their team members have concerns. I think it’s imperative to invite feedback from your team and listen to their opinions. Honest and open communication is vital to creating and protecting a strong team culture.”

Matt also views vulnerability as a key attribute for leaders who want to maintain a positive environment. He stated, “It’s not helpful to behave as if you know everything. When you are honest about your faults and you show a willingness to work toward improving, it has a contagious effect. Business leaders who stress humility and work toward constant improvement achieve great things.”

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