Bear Claw Events, Inc. Sustains Growth, Gives Back

The Director of Bear Claw Events, Inc. detailed the firm's rapid expansion and how team members have been recognized for their dedication. He also discussed their plans for holiday giving.

“Expansion is a key factor in determining the success of our company,” stated Matt L., the Director at Bear Claw Events, Inc. “The fact that we are rolling out new campaigns is excellent, and it stands as evidence of our rapid growth.” Company leaders are proud to welcome new brands from the world of syrup, gourmet foods, and laser hair removal. “We are excited to grow these top names with our top-notch marketing efforts, and we look forward to continued expansion.”

Matt was also proud to announce the firm’s expansion into the Greenville, South Carolina market. He explained, “Marley will be managing this market for Bear Claw Events, Inc., and I know she will do great work there. Her track record is exemplary, and we look forward to giving our represented brands a stronger voice with this venture.”

"Our Bear Claw Events, Inc. team has accomplished so much this year, and we want to give our people the chance to unwind a bit. We are also dedicated to giving back and helping those in need this holiday season, however."

Matt, Director

Recognition is a key part of the Bear Claw Events, Inc. development strategy, and several team members have been put in the spotlight in recent weeks. Matt explained, “With the hustling our team has been doing these last few months, we wanted to reward our top performers with an all-expenses-paid retreat to get away from the daily grind.” Along with the Director and his fiancée, Danielle, Xiomara, Mike, and Andrew attended the getaway.

Matt continued, “Mike and Andrew are campaign managers who have been achieving great things for Bear Claw Events, Inc. Mike has been progressing so rapidly, and his goal is to reach the assistant manager level by early next year. Andrew has also been performing at a high level, and he was chosen due to his achievements over the last quarter.”

The Director was honored to be nominated for the Consistent Manager of the Year award at the retreat. Only five out of 90 candidates were nominated, and Matt finished second overall. He also won the President’s award, which he saw as validation of all the hard work the team has done in recent months. He explained, “I won the award because the Bear Claw Events, Inc. team has been running a lot of events, expanding to new markets, and delivering big wins for represented brands.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s Director Details Holiday Philanthropy

“We will be taking some time for ourselves to celebrate the holidays,” Matt remarked. “Our Bear Claw Events, Inc. team has accomplished so much this year, and we want to give our people the chance to unwind a bit. We are also dedicated to giving back and helping those in need this holiday season, however.” The company’s associates will be participating in their third annual Toys for Tots fundraiser, and Matt has committed to matching any money donated by the team.

The Director is generous throughout the year, and Christmas is perhaps his favorite holiday. “We always work to make the season brighter for less-fortunate children,” he said. “That’s what makes our Toys for Tots drive so rewarding. The first year, we raised $1,000, and last year we doubled that. This year, we are shooting for $2,500, and I’m confident that we can pull it off.”

In addition to the toy fundraiser, the Bear Claw Events, Inc. team will also be taking part in the second annual Harvest Food Drive for Thanksgiving. Matt explained, “We hope to donate at least 100 cans, and we are also looking forward to giving clothing to our local Goodwill.”

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