Bear Claw Events, Inc. Prepares for Upcoming Conference

Bear Claw Events, Inc. executives recently announced they will send top performers to an upcoming conference. The Director highlighted a new partnership and the firm's summer internship program.

The Bear Claw Events, Inc. management team is preparing to send the firm’s high achievers to a conference in Miami. “These events attract the brightest minds in the industry,” said Matt L., the Director. “As a result, our emerging leaders will have an opportunity to learn from the best.”

Attending conferences gives associates the opportunity to reap the benefits of travel. “Though we are creatures of habit, a break in the routine lifts everyone’s motivation,” said Matt. “While we have been making preparations, the office has been buzzing. Everyone is excited to head for the airport!”

"The Bear Claw Events, Inc. business model is geared toward strategic partnerships,"

Matt L., Director

“Being on the road has a unique set of challenges,” added the Director. “When our associates travel, they must be able to adapt to unexpected events.” Canceled flights, long lines, and unexpected delays can become ways of life. “Even if you are looking forward to a special event such as a conference, you must be ready to face anything,” he added.

Bear Claw Events, Inc. Enters Into New Partnership

The Bear Claw Events, Inc. executive team is excited to move forward with a new partnership. “Given our leadership position in the industry, we have agreed to collaborate with a new distribution partner in the industry,” said Matt. “Over the next few months, we will be working to target new demographics.”

“The Bear Claw Events, Inc. business model is geared toward strategic partnerships,” said the Director. “When we join forces, we are able to think in grander terms.” The company is able to combine resources and skill sets to build more comprehensive campaigns that reach larger audiences. “This combined effort will enable us to achieve more substantial goals in a shorter period of time and we hope to take on new brands as a result,” he added. “It’s a big win for us and the companies we represent.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc. Looks Forward to Summer Internship Program

Matt and the executive team are excited to welcome this year’s college interns to the company. “We are ready to offer interns the opportunity to help us launch a number of campaigns,” said Matt. “This is an exciting time to be working here.”

Interns who join the team will have the opportunity to build solid foundations for their careers. “When students work at Bear Claw Events, Inc., they gain real-world experience,” said the Director. “We expect these undergraduates to establish new connections while they learn about our business. When they earn their degrees, we hope they will want to pursue their careers with us.”

About Bear Claw Events, Inc.

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Source: Bear Claw Events, Inc.