Bear Claw Events, Inc. Prepares for Cancun Retreat

The President of Bear Claw Events, Inc. discussed the team members chosen for this year's Cancun retreat. He offered details on the trip and the benefits such excursions provide to professionals.

​​Everyone in the Bear Claw Events, Inc. office is excited about the upcoming retreat to Cancun, Mexico. This tropical getaway is an ideal way to reward hard work and dedication. Matt, the firm’s President, explained that this retreat is the largest one yet, with national and international partners coming together for some fun in the sun and networking. The President added that he will be taking Danielle, Zach and Curtis with him to Cancun.

Danielle is the firm’s inventory manager. She’s in charge of building and maintaining professional relationships. Matt explained that Danielle is always on top of her responsibilities. The President added that Curtis is the company’s top producer and is rapidly advancing through the training program. Curtis is close to earning a management role, which is the next step in his career progression.

Zach is the newest cub, as Matt calls members of Team Bear Claw Events, Inc. The President commented that Zach is a quick learner who is always happy and determined to succeed. Zach stands by the firm’s core values, which has earned him a spot on the retreat.

Speaking of himself and the team members chosen to go to Cancun, Matt remarked, “The four of us who are going on this trip are like four legs on a table. We’re not all the same, but when we all stand together, we represent the four pillars of the company.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s President Outlines a Few Career Benefits of Team Retreats

There are many positives that come with every team retreat, including making connections with like-minded high achievers. Matt noted that the firm’s top performers will return to the Bear Claw Events, Inc. office with new sources of advice. These connections could open all kinds of doors for the company as well.

Being around so many different types of successful people is inspiring on its own, but so are the refreshed perspectives team members gain with a little distance from their routines. Matt stated that creative ideas tend to emerge when people leave their comfort zones. The President is excited to review past wins and future goals with Danielle, Curtis and Zach during their time in Cancun. He’s also optimistic about the ideas they’ll generate once they’re back home.

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