Bear Claw Events, Inc. Hosts Office Competition

With offices throughout the country engrossed in the excitement of the NCAA basketball championship, the management of Bear Claw Events, Inc. has opted to host its own March Madness event.

“With so many young professionals working for our team, it’s no wonder that they’re caught up in March Madness,” said Matt, Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s director. “We decided to take advantage of the excitement and create our own tournament.”

Matt explained that team members of the interactive marketing firm would be given specific sales and office goals to reach. “Just like the NCAA tourney, they have to meet their objectives and win to advance to the next level,” he said. “The challenges become incrementally harder as well. It pretty much mirrors what our challenges are as a business. Once you reach a level, you have to climb for that next rung.”                             

"These contests center on goal attainment, and are also tied to overall company and individual performance metrics,"

Matt, Director

There will also be final four and championship rounds. “We’ve designed this to be a great deal of fun, and certainly competitive,” said Matt. “It’ll be interesting to see who moves forward. Will we have a Cinderella associate who surprises us all? We can only hope! The chances are the same for everyone. No one should expect to be a shoo-in to win.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc. Discusses the Benefits of Company-Sponsored Competitions

According to Matt, the benefits that are derived from company contests have an overall positive impact on both associates and the company. “First, they promote productivity,” he explained. “This is the time of year we could be losing attention while people watch the games. Instead, they’re focused on trying to win their own prizes. It’s always a good thing when you can engage your team in an activity that is not only fun, but serves the company’s goals of achieving additional sales.”

For Bear Claw Events, Inc. associates, it’s an opportunity to practice and develop skills. “These contests center on goal attainment, and are also tied to overall company and individual performance metrics,” Matt said. “For associates to advance to the next bracket, they have to meet certain objectives. This means they have to practice exceptional goal-setting techniques. They have to recognize their tasks and the associated timeframes. They have to develop methods for tracking their progress. This is very much a part of what a leader does.”

“The advantage of contests is you’re turning what you expect of your team into something fun, tangible, and exciting,” Matt concluded. “The best part is that everyone is going to win.”

About Bear Claw Events

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