Bear Claw Events, Inc. Gives Back to the Community

Philanthropic giving and community leadership are important aspects of the Bear Claw Events, Inc. ethos. The firm's President discussed the team's latest charitable project and its impact on the company.

“It’s a priority for everyone on Team Bear Claw Events, Inc. to get together throughout the year and support the community,” said Matt, the firm’s President. “During the month of April, for instance, we’re setting aside time from our busy schedules to do something special!”

Matt announced that he and his colleagues have been working with The Greater Charlotte SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). The nonprofit does not own or operate a shelter facility, so they need volunteers to foster animals until adoption. Although not everyone on the team can foster homeless pets, they were eager to collect supplies and make blankets to give the animals extra comfort.

"During the month of April, for instance, we're setting aside time from our busy schedules to do something special!"

Matt, President

“This organization serves Charlotte and surrounding counties,” stated Matt. “They work wonders, improving the lives of homeless pets through spay/neuter programs, veterinary care, humane education, and more. Some of the animals are rescued, and many come from high-kill shelters. As the animals are fostered, the staff assesses their needs and personalities to ensure that they are adopted by the right families. It’s a great system, and supporting it keeps the giving spirit high in the Bear Claw Events, Inc. workplace!”

Bear Claw Events, Inc. President Details Some of the Many Benefits of Giving Back

According to Matt, the effects of philanthropy aren’t just felt in the community. They make a positive impact on Bear Claw Events, Inc. as well. For instance, the positive PR lets people know that everyone in the firm is committed to making a difference. This is appealing to potential partners, customers, and team members. Millennials in particular want to connect with companies that care. They’re likely to enlist the firm’s outreach campaigns, interact with the products being promoted, and aspire to build a career within the organization.

“Relationships are central to our work, so we place great emphasis on networking,” Matt concluded. “What better way to foster meaningful connections than engage with likeminded people who also want to make an impact? Our fundraising and volunteer efforts have led to lasting bonds and exciting opportunities such as coaching arrangements and referrals. This has certainly been the case with the SPCA, and I expect that our support of the nonprofit will continue to pay dividends for all involved.” 

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