Bear Claw Events, Inc. Focuses on Strong Year-End Finish

The executives at Bear Claw Events, Inc. have been supporting the organization so 2015 will end on a high note. The director shared productivity tips that will help his team meet end-of-year goals during the holiday season.

“At Bear Claw Events, Inc., we are positioned to end 2015 with a bang,” said Matt L., the director. “Our team has consistently exceeded our goals throughout the year. I am proud of the work everyone has done to make our company a leader in the industry.”

The management team understands that the fourth quarter produces a unique set of challenges. “This is the time of the year when we are trying to exceed our year-end targets, navigate through the holiday season, and gear up for 2016,” said the director. “We are here to help our team in any way we can.”

"This time of year presents us with opportunities for seasonal parties and awards dinners,"

Matt, Director

“One thing we do is keep track of everyone’s progress,” said Matt. “Instead of waiting until the end of the quarter to assess our people’s performances, we periodically check with them to see how they are doing.” Members of the leadership team meet with their associates to see what has been accomplished and what needs to be completed.

Though the end of the year is the season for accolades, the Bear Claw Events, Inc. management team makes an effort to recognize team members for their daily efforts. “This time of year presents us with opportunities for seasonal parties and awards dinners,” said Matt. “However, it’s important for us to show everyone that we value what they do – not just express generic thanks because the time is right. Small tokens of appreciation, such as an extra day off or a gift certificate to a nice restaurant keep people motivated.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s Director Shares Productivity Tips for the Holiday Season

Matt and the management team at Bear Claw Events, Inc. know a hectic workplace negatively impacts productivity. “The holiday season gives us the opportunity to have a bit of fun,” said the director. “However, we need to keep ourselves from getting distracted. We don’t want to lose our momentum.”

One thing that keeps the team productive is a focus on results. “At the beginning of the quarter, we clearly communicated everyone’s goals,” said Matt. “As long as individuals meet their deadlines and produce their deliverables, that’s all that matters. We don’t worry about how many hours they worked.”

“The same principal holds for paid time off,” he added. “Part of our planning process involves working around associates’ vacation schedules.” With proper notice, managers are able to redistribute tasks. “People are more productive when they maintain a solid work/life balance,” said Matt. “Our business is able to function properly if someone is away from the office.”

Though the fourth quarter has its challenges, there is no reason why people can’t take time to enjoy the holidays. “At Bear Claw Events, Inc., we need to keep our eye on the ball so we can exceed our 2015 goals,” said Matt. “Additionally, we must be sure our team is able to bring our positive momentum into the New Year. When we utilize advanced planning and clear communication, we effectively balance our achievements with the celebrations of the season.”

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