Bear Claw Events, Inc. Focuses on Growth and Company Culture

The leaders of Bear Claw Events, Inc. foster an atmosphere of growth for individual team members and the group as a whole. Matt L., the firm's Director, highlighted recent professional advancements and team-building events.

“There are many benefits to working at Bear Claw Events, Inc., and career development is among them,” said Matt. “Associates who demonstrate determination and hard work, and who master the necessary skills, are promoted promptly. In fact, I’m proud to announce that throughout the last few months quite a few of our people have proven that they are primed for upward mobility.”

Matt explained that Kate, Luis, Anya, Royalle, Grant, and Carlos have moved into leadership roles. He also expressed his eagerness to continue his work with Marley, who is transitioning into assistant management. Marley has clearly shown what it takes to be successful in the sales and marketing business, and has been a wonderful coach for the rest of the Bear Claw Events, Inc. team.

"As I've stated, a cohesive team is a key driver of success,"

Matt , Director

Bear Claw Events, Inc. Director Highlights Team-Building Efforts

“Of course, there’s more to growth than fostering a dynamic team of individuals who surpass expectations,” Matt continued. “I also make sure the group as a whole is a strong unit. Without everyone working closely together, we would not produce to our full potential. The degree of our company’s success needs to be attributed to the foundation of our team.”

According to Matt, productivity and morale are highest when each Bear Claw Events, Inc. team member feels essential and appreciated. One of the ways he shows his people how valued they are is through fun and exciting team nights. Group activities include dinner and bowling, and the associates are eyeing Sky Zone Trampoline Park for their next excursion.

“As I’ve stated, a cohesive team is a key driver of success,” Matt indicated. “My colleagues and I want each team member to excel – after all, you’re only as good as your weakest link. The innovative power of a bunch of bright minds is amplified when you put them together.”

As the Director revealed, it’s not enough to simply assign tasks and expect everyone to get along swimmingly. Empowering them to bond socially allows them to connect deeply and really get to know each other. It translates to better collaboration back at the office, because they’re more aware of one another’s strengths and communication styles. There’s more camaraderie, too.

“Thanks to these efforts to nurture a growth-oriented culture, there’s plenty of achievement to go around,” Matt concluded. “Our people thrive personally and professionally. Our team functions with more creativity and focus. Our firm expands consistently, as do the brands we serve. Everyone wins!”

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