Bear Claw Events, Inc. Eyes Expansion and Develops Leaders

Bear Claw Events, Inc.'s director of operations outlined the firm's expansion opportunities. She also discussed the company's hiring push and offered tips for getting promoted.

The leaders at Bear Claw Events, Inc. understand that a company without ambitious goals for the future is bound to fall behind the competition. “We have no intention of maintaining the status quo, no matter how well things are going,” stated Matt, the firm’s director of operations. “It is crucial to continue setting high benchmarks if you want to continue achieving great results. Here at Bear Claw Events, Inc., we don’t waste time resting on our laurels – we’re on to the next challenge before we can even think about doing that.”

"You can't expect to advance simply by waiting out the clock,"

Matt, Director of Operations

Among the director’s future goals for the company is expansion into exciting new markets. As she put it, “The brands we represent have come to expect impressive results from our promotions, and we are committed to delivering them. Extending our reach into fresh major markets is the best way to help our partners and our firm reaps incredible rewards. I want to open several new markets before the year is out, and the future offers opportunities for even broader expansion. It’s an exciting time for our firm and for our people.”

Company leaders are currently focused on developing dynamic experts to help turn their expansion goals into a profitable reality. As the director added, “We have some very talented and passionate individuals on our team, and we are working hard to sharpen their leadership abilities. As we expand operations, we will need great communicators to spread our message and share our values with new customers and business partners. Through ongoing training, we are building a group of versatile market leaders to help us reach our aims.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s Director of Operations Provides Tips for Earning a Promotion


Matt and the other leaders at Bear Claw Events, Inc. maintain a growth environment that helps them create high-performing business leaders. The director has some recommendations for any professional looking to win a promotion and elevate to a leadership role.

The first thing Matt advises is not to wait for a promotion to come along naturally. “You can’t expect to advance simply by waiting out the clock,” she explained. “To advance within an organization, you have to establish a clear goal and demonstrate why you meet the requirements for a position. You have to know exactly what you want to achieve and take action toward that end. Simply doing your job well and waiting to get noticed is no way to achieve results.”

Those seeking promotions can also show their commitment by working toward their own professional development. As the director commented, “There are so many open courses and online seminars available to help sharpen your skills. Taking the initiative to improve on your own time is an ideal way to show your boss that you really care and that you want to take on more responsibilities.”


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