Bear Claw Events, Inc. Creating Change Through Philanthropy

Bear Claw Events, Inc.'s priorities include business growth, career development, and community impact. The firm's President described the next giveback effort and its projected outcomes.

“Now that the holiday season is upon us, there are more opportunities to enhance our business activities, grow closer as a team, and make a positive impact,” said Matt, the President of Bear Claw Events, Inc. “It’s a busy time – and one of the most exciting for our company.”

Matt and his colleagues meet on a regular basis throughout the year, when they discuss which causes they’ll support next. This company-wide inclusion ensures buy-in from all team members. They select nonprofits that pursue meaningful missions and values, and decide how they will give back. The organization always increases their charitable work during the holidays.

Xiomara, the firm’s administrator, elaborated, “This winter Team Bear Claw Events, Inc. will be collecting unwrapped toys for the Toys for Tots Foundation. We’ll be making a donation as well. On top of that, we will volunteer at the Second Harvest Food Bank. As we prepare meals together, our team will enjoy a big morale boost.”

President of Bear Claw Events, Inc. Outlines the Positive Effects of Giving

According to Matt, there are many rewards of philanthropy. It does not lead directly to financial returns, for instance, but it does earn respect and brighten reputations. Community members are interested in doing business with companies that give back. Messages of businesses’ goodwill are spread by word of mouth, resulting in significant awareness and loyalty.

“Creating positive change in a given region also makes it a better place to work and live,” Matt continued. “Whether we’re cleaning up a park or volunteering at the local senior center, we offer safety and support that creates a healthier and happier atmosphere. Charlotte has a lot to offer, and we want to make sure people get the most of it.”

The Bear Claw Events, Inc. President also pointed out that people want to grow their careers with companies committed to charitable giving. Philanthropy is particularly important to millennials, who comprise a substantial component of the workforce. Providing opportunities to make a difference attracts the best and brightest to the business, and it keeps them engaged and motivated.

“Community support is yet another way we can add value to people’s lives,” Matt concluded. “We’re happy to help however we can, and looking forward to spreading some kindness and joy in the coming weeks.”

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